Our Solution

Reliable, high-performance computing is now a reality for a growing network of schools.

It sounds too good to be true, but students and teachers experience it every day: a Neverware school's existing computers, no matter how old, all run Windows 7 like powerful new machines. Neverware also gets rid of management headaches. If an administrator wants to change settings, install new software, or add a printer, it's easier than ever: those changes only need to be entered once, from one location, and they will be reflected on every PC on the network. Best of all, Neverware is 100% secure: any unauthorized changes are completely erased with every logout, which means that viruses, tampering and cheating are problems of the past. Neverware is the future.

How It Works

Neverware makes old PCs run like new.

Neverware installs powerful software on schools' existing computers, taking over the 'heavy lifting' and allowing the computers to run like new. Neverware can supercharge any PC - even if it's ten years old. Customers do not have to buy any hardware: Neverware's pricing is based on affordable model designed to fit into any school's annual budget. When a school signs up, Neverware's professional installation team works with the school administration to get the software up and running. All installation and maintenance costs are covered by Neverware for as long as the school is a customer - which means that a Neverware school is getting one of the best deals on reliable IT infrastructure in the world.


What's involved in installing Neverware?

Our expert installation team handles the rollout of Neverware, and almost all implementations can be completed in two visits. We conduct a brief on-site survey of your technical environment in the first visit followed by one or more installation visits (based on the size of your deployment), and personally configure each computer with our software. Although we are always happy to work with school, district or state-level IT staff, specialized assistance is not usually required during the installation process.

What if I don’t want all of my school’s computers powered by Neverware?

Neverware is scalable to meet your needs. Many schools replace their computers in smaller batches (usually by necessity), which leads to a deployment of computers with varying ages and levels of performance across their network. If you have computers on your network that are performing well, they can continue to work independently of the computers you’d like powered by Neverware. With that flexibility, you can immediately maximize your students’ access to fast, reliable computers and add additional computers to Neverware at any time.

What kind of maintenance does the Neverware system require?

You don’t need any headaches when it comes to technology, which is why we designed Neverware to be maintenance-free for our customers. Neverware’s commitment is that your computers run like new every day, and it is Neverware’s responsibility to ensure the computers our software powers always run great at no additional cost to you. Our team actively monitors and maintains our software for you. If there is a problem, Neverware will do whatever is necessary to ensure you remain operational.

Our customers are responsible for ensuring that keyboards, mice and screens are functional and that local network equipment (such as switches, routers, and ethernet cables) have reliable connectivity.

What kind of support can I expect?

Our goal is to eliminate the traditional headaches involved with maintaining and managing large numbers of computers (and obtaining timely support for them), allowing administrators, teachers and students to focus on what they do best: teaching and learning. As a customer of Neverware, you get unlimited support from our professional, Manhattan-based team at no additional cost. If you ever have any questions, we’re here for you when you need us. We are committed to ensuring that every Neverware-powered PC runs like new - every day.

How hard is it to manage computers connected to Neverware?

If you can manage your Netflix queue, you can manage computers connected to Neverware. Our software is completely centralized - any change a teacher or administrator makes is automatically reflected on every computer connected to Neverware. This means that updates and software installations only need to be performed once, dramatically decreasing the time required to maintain computers and install/update software.

What kind of organizations benefit from Neverware?

Neverware is ideal for any organization that has multiple computers deployed throughout their network and is tired of having to replace hardware every few years. Schools with aging computer labs, classroom desktops or laptop carts can benefit immensely by deploying Neverware. Our software provides an affordable and robust way to create a standardized computing experience across a large network, leveling the playing field for all students no matter the age of the hardware they’re using. With upcoming requirements for digital testing by PARCC and Smarter Balanced under Common Core State Standards, Neverware is a perfect solution to the dilemma administrators face in providing fast, reliable computers to their students. Neverware-powered PCs don’t ever degrade in performance.

What are the system or network requirements for Neverware?

Neverware can be configured to run on any wired or wireless network. Our software can run on almost any PC manufactured in the past 10 years. Remember, Neverware is about eliminating the need for new, expensive hardware. Our software is specifically designed to turn old, low-performance machines into terminals that will display Windows 7 at high speeds. Neverware is currently only compatible with PCs, and does not yet support Apple hardware.

What about software I want to install on the Neverware-powered computers?

Neverware delivers a fully functional Windows 7 experience to each connected computer. Upon installation, our team trains you and any members of your team to easily install new software or run updates using our browser-based Administration panel that centralizes the installation and update process in one spot, removing the need to go to each computer one-by-one.

Students keep changing settings and downloading viruses. What does Neverware do to help?

We designed Neverware to be as secure as possible for our customers. By preventing files from being permanently saved on the computer, we completely eliminate the risk of viruses or malicious files corrupting computers and decreasing performance on your network. When a user logs out of a Neverware-powered PC, all changes including settings are automatically wiped clean. When a new user logs in, they get a completely fresh computer, configured the way you originally wanted, that performs like it's brand new, every time. This feature removes one of the largest headaches involved with managing large numbers of PCs: keeping them in the state they were originally configured.

In order to save files for later use, we recommend users save to cloud-based services such as Dropbox, Box or Google Drive, or save to a USB flash drive. If your organization has a Network Attached Storage device (NAS), Neverware can integrate with it.